Radio Lab: From Tree To Shining Tree

We all love Radio Lab...but to be fair, who doesn’t? This is an excerpt from one of our all-time favorite episodes, titled “From Tree to Shining Tree”. Our mission for this passion piece was to illustrate the magical and mysterious nature of our real world, and how all natural systems are in some way interconnected. It wasn’t about showing trees or bees or any other specific organism, but rather seeing everything as one complete metaphorical system. We wanted the animation to be smooth, elegant, and graceful. After all, this is the beauty of nature that we're talking about.

Directed By: Lunar North
Creative Director: Scott Waraniak
Design: Alex Chopjian, Emily Tinklenberg, Scott Waraniak
2D Animation: Emily Tinklenberg
3D Animation: Alex Chopjian, Emily Tinklenberg, Scott Waraniak
Music & SFX: Audio from Radio Lab, SFX by Alex Chopjian
Client: Lunar North

See more process on Behance.
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