BlueHalo | Virtual Product Showcase

Partnering with Icon Tech Studios, we designed and animated an Unreal Engine based content delivery experience for BlueHalo. Combining already existing videos along with some new animations created by Lunar North, this real time experience allows a user to navigate a virtual product showcase and learn more about BlueHalo products.

Directed By: Lunar North
Creative Director: Scott Waraniak
Design: Jake Matauch, Scott Waraniak
3D Animation: Scott Waraniak
3D Animation: Jake Matauch, Scott Waraniak
Development: Jake Matauch, Icon Tech Studios
Client: BlueHalo


Initial 3D explorations were done to establish an overall look and feel for the piece. We knew we needed an Earth view, menu system, and islands to represent our content.

Unreal Engine Development

Once the look was established, it was time to bring the assets into Unreal and match the target design and start building out functionality. Orbiting objects and camera paths were drawn out and animated first.

Final Touches

Next, any remaining items like logo builds and asset animations were completed within Unreal. Finally, our projects were prepped for delivery and implemented by the Icon Tech Studios team.

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