Genpact | Virtual Island

Rightpoint came to us with the task of creating a web-based virtual experience for their parent company, Genpact. They wanted to develop a Genpact Island that could serve as a home to multiple virtual exhibits. We love world building, so we dove right in populating our “G” shaped island with a  racetrack, welcome center, garage, ops tower, and a host of other buildings to breathe life into our little oasis. The only thing missing from this little island is a school district! The main landmarks would also require full 360 degree interior renderings. Each environment had to be able to function in a similar way to a tradeshow space. We developed floorplans, architecture, set dressing, and lighting for each building interior. Careful consideration had to be given to the placement of objects as additional video and imagery would be placed within the scene through a CMS. Each needed to be able to adapt to accommodate any client that would be “visiting”. Once we had completed our island fly over and 3 building interiors, they were dropped into a website that allowed users to enter and explore each building in full 360.

Directed By: Rightpoint
Creative Director: Marcus Mullins
Design: Jake Matauch, Marcus Mullins
3D Animation: Alex Chopjian, Jake Matauch, Marcus Mullins
Development: Rightpoint
Client: Genpact

Creating The Island and Environments

We modeled, lit, and rendered each of these 3 rooms from the ground up. Each built with a unique purpose in mind. What the overall architecture was and how the building fit into the surrounding environment had to be taken into consideration. It was important to the client that the interior and exteriors of the building and environments should be consistent — whether you were looking in from the outside or on the inside looking out. This project became technical exercise in scene management as well as making sure our renders would seamlessly fit into the web-based pipeline that would follow.

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