InterAuto: Immersion

Exploring the vibrant colors and rich textures imbued within the leather, we began to develop a visual language to collage our material swatches and inspiration imagery into a kinetic mood board. We crafted 3D assets that captured and enhanced the client's inspiration and tied it more directly to the overall story we were trying to tell with each leather. We also developed the overall branding elements for the piece, creating logos, typographic systems, and print materials.

Since the event couldn't take place in-person, we also created a custom augmented reality experience to bring the experience directly to the viewer.
Eagle Ottawa: AR Application

Directed By: Lunar North
Creative Director: Marcus Mullins
Design: Marcus Mullins, Emily Tinklenberg
2D Animation: Marissa Cruz, Marcus Mullins, Samantha Pickett, Emily Tinklenberg
3D Animation: Jake Matauch, Marcus Mullins, Emily Tinklenberg, Jim Vance
Music & SFX: Proper Sounds
Client: Eagle Ottawa

See more process on Behance.
Eagle Ottawa: Immersion



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